Conversion into Buildings

As general contractors, we focus on converting architect’s plans and engineer’s specifications into completed buildings that will make our clients happy. During pre-construction, some of the services that ABAMAR Limited is capable of providing include:


How We Manage It

While budgets and schedules are being prepared, we make recommendations to our clients that will assist them in meeting any time and cost constraints that they may have. We thoroughly review design documents, advise on availability of specified materials and equipment and conduct a full value engineering assessment. Full value engineering is the process of making formal recommendations to a client. Savings of both time and cost can be attained without sacrificing the overall quality of design. Projects where ABAMAR Limited serves as general contractor are usually completed under negotiated and agreed lump sum contracts.

  • Estimating budget requirements.
  • Developing detailed project schedules.
  • Evaluating proposed development logistics.

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